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Another way to approach this is for you to hand each group a "puzzle" which would consist of the different parts of the digestive system already cut out. Food components Carbohydrates Proteins Fats. How fast can you find words related to health? Fungi secrete digestive juices on dead and decaying matter and convert it into a solution. Back to top Need Help with Weight Management?

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Eat fewer calories than you burn, and you lose weight. For one thing, calorie counting is imprecise. Beyond that, counting calories is an external system outside of your body. Which trains you to ignore your own interoception internal signals. In the end, long-term success relies on you developing, and using, your inborn signaling systems. Which is why calorie counting, while it sometimes produces results in the short-run, can often backfire in the long-run.

This system counts your calories for you, and gets your macronutrients lined up too, without having to do any fancy kitchen math. In addition, your hands are generally scaled to your size—the bigger you are, the bigger your hands, the more food you need and the more food you get.

Want to learn more about this system? Try this calorie control guide for men and women. However, most clients would do best eating a moderate amount of quality carbs —whole grains, fruit, potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans and legumes, etc.

We emphasize moderate, of course. Of course, the needs of each actual client may differ, based on their activity level, goals, and genetics. But, bottom line, carbs are not inherently fattening, especially whole food sources. And getting adequate carbs can help most clients exercise harder and recover better, optimizing progress. Yep, this is a controversial position to take.

Read more about why we take it here: Why low carb diets have got it all wrong. This is hot news as, just ten years ago, they were supposedly one of the healthiest foods on the planet.

Want to learn more about grains to sort through the conflicting info? Settling the great grain debate: Can wheat and other grains fit into a healthy—and sane—diet? To answer this one, you first have to know if six-pack abs are really what your client wants. Getting ripped abs is a much bigger undertaking than most people realize. Social situations often become difficult. Other interests and hobbies may need to decrease. Armed with this information, you can have an honest conversation about whether your clients want the six-pack badly enough.

What must clients do to achieve different levels of leanness? If you train athletes, this is a really common question. But lots of non-athletes are curious too. For most people, eating a normal mixed meal hours before and after exercise is sufficient.

Contrary to popular media, most clients are best served by eating good quality whole foods in reasonable amounts , without having to focus on specific workout nutrition products or protocols. Endurance athletes, bodybuilders, or those looking to maximize muscle gain could add a protein and carbohydrate drink during their workout. We usually recommend about 15g of protein and 30g of carbohydrate per hour of exercise.

Physique competitors, as well as people trying to maximize fat loss, could add branched chain amino acids or essential amino acids during their workout. How hard do they train? What are their goals? How is the rest of their diet? And in the right context, it can be. But for most people, most of the time, nutrient timing demands extra effort, requires additional planning, and adds dietary complexity… with minimal return. In the end, nutrient timing can be helpful for a very small subset of the population.

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They are like the travelers going a head with About Me Kawish Hassan View my complete profile. It has both openings, mouth and anus. It opens into oral cavity. Lips close the mouth. Lips also help in ingestion. Tongue forms floor Palate forms roof Jaws form roof boundary of mouth.

Both jaws bear teeth. It consisting of 8 incisors, 4 canines, 8 premolars and 12 molars. Incisors are cutting and biting teeth. Their flat sharp edges cut food into smaller pieces. Canines are pointed teeth and poorly developed in humans. They are used in tearing, killing and piercing the prey.

Premolars and Molars are grinders and used for crushing the food. Mastication increases surface are of food for action of enzymes. If one attempt to swallow a food particle too large to enter ocsophagus, it may block the trachea and may stop ventilation. Calcified plaque forms dental calculus. Continuous inflammation may spread to the root of tooth and destroy peridental layer.

Eventually tooth becomes loose and falls off or may have to be extracted. When dentine and pulp are attached, produce toothache and loss of teeth.

Taste buds are most numerous on sides of vallate papillae. They are absent on mid dorsal region of oral part of tongue. It mixes the masticated food with saliva 3. It helps in swalloing 4. It helps in sucking and testing food. It is supplied by IX cranial nerve. Supplied by VII cranial nerve.

These glands are supplied by Parasympathetic Nervous System. Fibers of parasympathic N. S lie in Cranial nerves. These nerves increase their secretion. Mucous of Saliva moistens and lubricates the food particles prior to swallowing. Salivary Amylase or Ptylin begins digestion of starch, first to dextrins and then to maltose dissacharide. Lysozyme destroys the oral cavity pathogen bacteria. It has a cleansing action. Water in Saliva, dissolve some of the molecules in food particle then they react with chemo receptors in taste buds, giving sensation of taste, hence, the H2O enables taste buds to respond.

Saliva is fully saturated with calcium and this prevents decalcification of teeth. Saliva makes speech possible by moistening the mouth; it is not possible to talk if the mouth is dry. It acts as a lubricant and enables a bolus a rounded mass of semi-solid, partially digested food particles stick together by mucus to be formed.

The tongue pushes bolus into pharynx. As the bolus of food moves into the pharynx, the soft palate is elevated and lodges against the back wall of pharynx sealing the nasal cavity and preventing food from entering it.

The swallowing center inhibit respiration, raises the larynx and closes the glottis opening between vocal cords , keeping food from getting into trachea.

As the tongue forces the food further back into the pharynx, the bolus tilts the epiglottis backward to cover the closed glottis. This pharyngeal act of swallowing lasts about 1 second. It connects pharynx to stomach. It passes through the thoracic cavity and penetrates the diaphragm, then it joins the stomach a few cms below the diaphragm.

Lower two-third is surrounded by smooth muscles. Skeletal muscles, just below pharynx surrounding oesophagus form Upper Oesophageal Sphincter. Smooth muscles in last 4 cm of oesophagus forms Lower Oesophageal Sphincter. It seals the exit of food. It is the basic propulsive movement of GIT. Bolus is moved toward stomach by progressive peristaltic wave which compresses the lumen and forces the bolus ahead of it.

Vomiting begins with a deep inspiration, closure of glottis and elevation of soft palate. That might take 60 minutes to achieve with traditional cardio. What that does is send a massive signal to your body saying, "Oh my God, I have to increase my fat burning machinery. The results are truly remarkable. We've found that with seconds of all-out sprints, you can actually lose more fat in just a few minutes than with the long duration minute cardio—and you maintain your size.

We did a study in our lab where we compared low-intensity cardio to high-intensity cardio side by side, and not only did the sprinters lose more fat, they even gained muscle in their quads. So sprinting can even be anabolic! Say you're someone who responds well to heavy training.

Every time you to go the gym, all you do is lift with eight or fewer repetitions per set, heavy weights, and with long rest periods.

You're constantly loading the muscle, and that's where it can take a toll on your joints and ligaments. Eventually, you feel the strain, and you get an injury.

For a competitive bodybuilder, this is the worst thing ever. If you're out for a month, you lose muscle, and then it takes you a month to recover. You just lost two months—and that's being conservative.

Periodization is programmed change, and it's one of the keys to avoiding injuries in the gym. Here's how it works: One day each week, you could perform traditional hypertrophy training, which can be reps, second rests. One day you might train heavy, in a repetition range, with longer rests.

Another day, you could do a hypertrophy superset day. Then, if you feel like your joints are hurting, you could try a new technique known as blood flow restriction training , or occlusion training. This technique, what happens is if you restrict blood flow to a limb, you only have to lift at like percent of your maximum weight and you actually can grow.

Focus on the goal, and balance your training styles. Give your joints and muscles programmed rest periods, and you recover—and keep growing. Bodybuilding is like any other sport. To improve at it, you have to master your trade, which is lifting weights.

Get everything you can out of every single lift. If you are doing a set of 12, every single rep should count. We know from plenty of studies that when people focus on the muscle, they activate more of it. Going through the motions, on the other hand, is only going to give you pedestrian results. Success in this sport is all about focus. Make every meal count, make your sleep count, make every rep count, make every set count.

Write down how you felt in the gym. Write down what you are going to do, and what you want to be. Set goals that are attainable, and stay abreast of the latest research into those goals, and you'll keep moving toward your ideal physique.

Training Programs Mass Class Training: The Fundamentals Of Muscle Growth. Working in the rep range hypertrophy range can increase cell swelling. To lose fat while you're building muscle, supplement your weight training with high-intensity interval training! It's the best type of cardio for bodybuilders. Sample Periodization for Muscle Growth Workout 1: Hypertrophy, reps per set, focus on supersets and dropsets Workout 4: The nutrition standard for elite athletes.

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