Universal Nutrition Gain Fast 3100, 2.5 lb Chocolate

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Ingestion of high quality protein is essential for increasing lean muscle mass, but equally important is the timing of the protein intake. The central idea underlying nutrient timing is to time high glycemic carbohydrate and protein ingestion so it encompasses the time frame in which the resistance training of experts leaves a hypertrophic stimulus on the trained skeletal muscles.

Inherent with the term anabolic window is the concept of net protein balance. As stated earlier, net protein balance is equal to muscle protein synthesis minus muscle protein breakdown. For skeletal muscle hypertrophy to occur, net protein balance must be positive synthesis must exceed breakdown. To improve net protein balance, an appropriate stimulus e.

However, when resistance training is performed alone in the absence of nutritional and supplemental i. Muscle-specific genes must be activated to initiate the process of skeletal muscle hypertrophy.

Once these muscle-specific genes are activated, they are copied into Messenger RNA mRNA which serves as a template for which muscle proteins are then manufactured translated. Insulin has several roles related to improving the net protein balance following resistance exercise including increasing protein synthesis, improving the transport of amino acids into skeletal muscle and decreasing protein breakdown.

Whereas insulin should never be injected as multiple adverse events are likely to occur for the purposes of improving net protein balance, insulin can be significantly increased endogenously via the consumption of carbohydrate. As important as insulin concentrations are to anabolic processes, it has been stated that if high levels of insulin are not supported by an exogenous amino acid supply, insulin loses its anabolic capacity in skeletal muscle. Carbohydrates and amino acids are needed to maximize positive shifts in net protein balance and the time course for which they must be present should be considered.

Ingestion of both proteins whey and casein after resistance exercise resulted in similar increase in muscle protein net balance, resulting in net muscle protein synthesis, despite different patterns of blood amino acid responses- a quicker response of blood amino acids for the whey protein and a more sustained response for the casein protein.

When whey protein was added to an amino acid—carbohydrate supplement, it indicated that there seemed to be an extension of the anabolic effect compared to that seen with amino acid—carbohydrate supplements without additional whey protein.

The sports supplement creatine has been the gold standard against which other nutritional supplements are compared. The reason for this prominent position is that creatine improves performance and increases lean body mass. It has repeatedly been shown to be safe when recommended dosages are consumed.

Despite one of the most consistent side effects of creatine supplementation has been weight gain in the form of lean body mass, it has become one of the most popular nutritional supplements marketed to athletes over the past decade. Weight gain had been observed in several cohorts including males, females and the elderly. For creatine supplementation, the typical dosage pattern is divided into two phases: A typical loading phase consists of ingesting 20 g of creatine or 0.

Many of the studies performed to date indicate that short-term creatine supplementation increases total body mass by approximately 0. Longer-term creatine supplementation 6—8weeks in conjunction with resistance training has been shown to increase lean body mass by approximately 2. Gain in lean body mass has been observed in women too as a result of creatine supplementation. It depends on a lot of things. If the diet does not deliver the right amount of proteins to the body, it is advised to use mass gainers.

Food is the first line of defense for the body. A weight gaining supplement is not meant to be a substitute for food.

A weight gainer can be used to add extra to the diet. Food like oatmeal and beef, for example, take a while to digest. A weight gainer should provide a nutritionally dense blend of the core macronutrients i. Second, it should be low in simple sugars and high in complex carbohydrates. Third, it should contain high quality proteins such as whey and casein--these provide both a quick and a sustained release of key amino acids into the body.

Fat content should also not be overlooked since added essential fats help to increase the calories of each shake and aid in natural hormone production. Depending on the goals that have been determined, a weight gainer can be taken first thing in the morning, between meals, post-workout or before bed.

A weight gainer is to be used to supplement the calories that the body is already getting from a balanced, bodybuilding diet consisting of numerous daily whole food feedings. Depending on the diet and particular goals, consuming anywhere from one to three times daily can lead to marked improvements.

Really good I add banana two scoop oats i teaspoon peanut butter ,two white egg one glass milk and two scoop ice cream. Works as it says For best results mix 1 or 2 bananas and a 1 spoon honey in it. Its good for sure. I have noticed muscle gain in the first week of taking it. Surely would recommend it. It apart from the fact that it provides good amount of calories and optimum protein- carb ratio it contains valuable herbs that makes 'feel good' from within.

No other weight gainer in this segment shares this theory. It also contains digestive enzymes which makes better digestion and availability of protein. One can add extra Creatine which is freebie with Gain Fast for more strength and stamina.

Lastly, no bodybuilding supplement on the earth will give its results unless you take pain in gym, unless you hit those weights in gym rigorously. Magic happens only after you do hard workout Speak To A Fitness Expert. Let Us Help You. For a better experience on Healthkart, Please enable JavaScript in your browser.

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It acts as a sustained source of energy and helps you to gain weight and lean muscles. It is formulated to fuel your body with up to quality calories per day and provides g of rich quality protein.

Universal Nutrition Gain Fast Chocolate comes packed with anabolic boosters, performance herbs, natural plant sterols, EFAs, digestive enzymes and muscle optimizers. Apart from that, it consists of sufficient amount of protein and carbohydrates, and less amount of fat, which together helps in building up muscles and boosting body functions while ensuring quick growth.

Protein is the main component of weight gainers. Integrating the appropriate amount of calories with other ingredients, Universal Nutrition Gain Fast can help you add on to your muscles in a healthy manner. Protocarb Plus Universal's high performance carbohydrate complex consisting of high energy glucose polymers, Maltodextrin long-chained complex carbohydrates , pure crystalline fructose, and dextrose , non-fat dry milk, super protein ex Universal's superior protein blend consisting of the highest biological value peptide-bonded caseinate and ultrafiltered whey protein concentrate with naturally occurring branched-chain amino acids l-leucine, l-isoleucine, and l-valine , sunflower oil, natural and artificial flavours, cellulose, monoglycerides, dipotassium phosphate, silicon dioxide, tocopherols, dicalcium phosphate, potassium phosphate, potassium sulphate, vitamin matrix ascorbic acid, dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate, niacinamide, d-calcium pantothenate, Vitamin A acetate, pyridoxine hcl, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, cholecalciferol, folic acid, cyanocobalamin , magnesium oxide, zinc oxide.

Mix 5 scoops of Universal Nutrition Gain Fast 2. Mix thoroughly preferably in a blender with crushed-ice for a rich, thick, delicious, frosty milk shake. For best results, take one to three servings of Gain Fast daily in addition to regular meals. Use in conjunction with a proper training and nutrition program.

WHEN Weight gainers can be used as a meal replacement or a post-workout recovery shakes. PROTEINS When attempting to increase lean body mass, an essential component that is equal to a sound resistance training program is protein consumption.

When discussing protein as a nutritional supplement, two main questions arise: Types of Protein Supplements Although protein can be obtained from whole foods, many resistance trained athletes supplement their diet with protein containing supplements e. SOY PROTEIN Although soy lacks the essential amino acid methionine, it has a relatively high concentration of remaining essential amino acids and is therefore considered as a high quality protein. Resistance training in the absence of nutritional intake Inherent with the term anabolic window is the concept of net protein balance.

Insulin, amino acids and protein synthesis Muscle-specific genes must be activated to initiate the process of skeletal muscle hypertrophy. Importance of combined carbohydrate-protein supplements and timing of ingestion Carbohydrates and amino acids are needed to maximize positive shifts in net protein balance and the time course for which they must be present should be considered. Effect on lean body mass Many of the studies performed to date indicate that short-term creatine supplementation increases total body mass by approximately 0.

Should I use a weight gainer? So then who should use a weight gainer? What should one look for in a weight gainer? When is the right time to use a weight gainer? It is a protein based supplement that has additional calories from carbohydrates and fats. It is meant to add additional calories for the body in order to assist with weight and muscle mass gain.

Click here to read our Ultimate Mass Gainer Guide. See all 17 products in: Most Helpful Most Recent. More than I expected Overall, the product tasted good. This was the best weight gainer I have taken so far. IMO this is a great option for people wanting add a mass gainer to their bulk stack.

My strength gains went really good.